As a parent of a new teen driver, it is a scary, scary deal. I chose to teach my child how to drive and I will say that I was scared to death and had many white knuckles.  It will defiantly challenge you as a parent driver to drive better, because you are the example.

Have rules that your teen must follow before you give them keys: 

1)      No driving and texting /calling /Facebooking/ not even at a stop light.

2)      If you want to call/ text or other action with the phone you must pull over and park. It is the law in Texas for teens from the age of 16-18, and yes this includes blue tooth. Make them keep the phone in the glove box or in the trunk.

3)      No driving after midnight.

4)      No more than one non- family passengers in the car under the age of 21 years old, this is the law.

5)      No drinking and driving / zero tolerance / that is the law for teens

6)      Speed / follow the speed limit it saves lives 

NTSA has a few videos that you should watch with your teens to get started or even if you started and you feel your teen needs more guidance.

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