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1 Jun 2019
Parent Tips: Teen Who Speeds

What can you do when your teenager gets a speeding ticket? 1)      Try having them watch these videos of real-life stories of the tragedy that can follow speeding for a teen driver. Watch the videos with them and discuss what happened and the teens that were

10 May 2019
Parent Tips: Safe Teen Driving

As a parent of a new teen driver, it is a scary, scary deal. I chose to teach my child how to drive and I will say that I was scared to death and had many white knuckles.  It will defiantly challenge you as a

24 Apr 2019
Dog Bite Law

Important Facts for Texas Dog Owners and Bite Victims Most people don’t think of man’s best friend as dangerous, except, possibly when protecting the home or family from an unwelcome intruder. Dog bite injuries are a continuing problem, with thousands of people seeking medical attention

1 Apr 2019
Teenage Driving, Part 5: Buckling Up

Part 5: Buckling Up The final installment in this five-part series on teen driving examines a critical issue: the failure of buckle up as a matter of routine whenever teens choose to drive or ride in a vehicle. While the necessity of good safety belt

1 Mar 2019
Teenage Driving Part 4: Speeding

Part 4: Speeding Stories about fatal car crash incidents in which excessive speed was involved have become soberingly common. Teens figure prominently in these incidents. Some 21 percent of teen car crashes involve speeding. Even a car crash that doesn't result in fatalities can leave

5 Jan 2019
Teenage Driving Part 3: Alcohol

Part 3: Alcohol The potentially catastrophic effects of driving under the influence of alcohol are well known among all age groups  – but it's especially critical to grasp the reality of this concern for teen drivers. Teens may not be legally old enough to drink,

13 Dec 2018
Teenage Driving Part 2: Distracted Driving

Part 2: Distracted Driving Previously, this blog series examined the dangers of cell phone use among teen drivers. As troubling as this behavior may be, however, it is only one aspect of the larger issue of distracted driving. It is equally important to have an

7 Nov 2018
Teenage Driving Part 1: Cell Phones

Part 1:  Teenagers' Cell Phone Usage While Driving Driving can be a dangerous pursuit even for experienced motorists; for teenagers who have just begun to drive, however, the risks are even greater. Inexperienced drivers have not yet mastered their ability to take in the many