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8 Feb 2018
Protecting Yourself Against Road Rage

When another driver cuts you off, deliberately tailgates you, or tries to get you into a car accident, you may feel a little anger of your own – as well as some justifiable fear. When you consider that two-thirds of all traffic fatalities are associated

1 Sep 2017
Dangers of Concussions

  Concussions have the potential of being dangerous injuries. The CDC states that concussions are “caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. This

14 Aug 2017
Austin-Based Alternatives to Drunk Driving

Uber, Lyft, and Other Austin Alternatives Intoxication can drive you right toward a drunk driving arrest or even a deadly car accident. It's a smarter move to rely on convenient app-based driver services for your night out. Now that Uber and Lyft have returned to

28 May 2017
Bicycle Safety for Kids

Bicycle Safety for Kids As the summertime is here,  the neighborhood kiddos will be hitting the trails or sidewalks with their bicycles.  Kids are riding their bikes with their friends and traffic as hurried commuters get to work along the same streets.  Safety can be a

20 Apr 2017
Personal Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents Increase in Spring  - Share the Road Safely With the beautiful weather we’ve had so far this spring, you’ve undoubtedly noticed more cyclists on the road.  In an environmentally conscious city like Austin with mild winter temperatures, cycling is used as transportation year

18 Mar 2017
Injured In A Car Crash? You May Need a Personal Injury Attorney

  We all hope to never be involved in a car crash, but they happen, sometimes at no fault of our own.  According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the Lone Star State records more than 13,000 serious injury crashes each year resulting in

2 Feb 2017
How to Prevent Common Workplace Injuries

  Thousands of workers are injured at their workplace each year. While workers of all professions are susceptible to workplace injuries, there are some jobs that may be at a higher risk for workplace injuries. While some injuries are mild and may not require emergency

4 Jan 2017
Dangers of Driving at Night

  Everyone knows the dangers of drunk driving and texting and driving but there are other driving dangers that may not be addressed as often. One of these dangers is driving at night. As the sun sets earlier and earlier during the winter season, you