We all hope to never be involved in a car crash, but they happen, sometimes at no fault of our own.  According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the Lone Star State records more than 13,000 serious injury crashes each year resulting in more than 17,000 people being severely hurt.

Regardless of who’s at fault, these injuries mean not only hospital/medical bills, but often a litany of other damages, not the least of which may be loss of wages, both at present and in the future.  And since insurance companies aren’t eager to part with their money, these car crashes often lead to personal injury claims.

While it’s certainly possible to successfully file your own personal injury claim, this should only be done in cases involving minor injuries and losses — and if you have a comfortable understanding of the legal claims and appeals process, or the time to thoroughly research it.  Learning the ins and outs and hows and whys of the legal system can be time-consuming, complicated and intimidating as large auto insurance companies aim to pay out minimal damages, if not deny the claim altogether. 

That’s why when car crashes result in more severe injuries, a significant loss of wages and the prospect of ongoing medical expenses, it’s generally better to consult a car accident lawyer.

An experienced injury attorney will already be acquainted with the laws and rules that apply to your case and will be ready to begin work immediately. They are familiar with and won’t be intimidated when facing off against large auto insurance companies who are looking out for their own best interests.  You have a professional advocate on your side, looking out for yours.

When choosing a personal injury attorney, word-of-mouth reputation is usually a reliable resource, but an applicable experience is even more valuable.  It’s very important to find one that specializes in personal injury cases specifically related to car crashes.

Whichever route you take, make sure to not sign anything immediately following the crash even if there is a financial offer.  You may be waiving all rights to future claims.

Hensley Law firm is known for being a dedicated and compassionate advocate for clients dealing with car crash injury damages and a proven record of success.