Hensley Advantage

Why Hensley? When you’ve been hurt or disabled in an accident, you need legal experts to carefully review your case and give you honest feedback. More importantly, you need a plan that makes sense, one YOU believe in. Unfortunately, there are lawyers who take cases and offer a grand promise, but not much else.

You need and deserve more, especially when you’re facing a legal struggle. You need a real advocate.
Our approach is simple. We evaluate your case – at no cost to you – and give you a straight-forward assessment. Next, we outline in plain terms how we’ll work each stage of the case and, with your approval, we work the plan. Not a lot of chit-chat or grand-standing, just a solid strategy backed by decades of experience, driven by faith and compassion.
That’s Advocacy, the HENSLEY Advantage.

  • No fee is charged for the initial consultation and review of your case. That’s right, it’s free. We only charge if there is a settlement. Our fees are reasonable and match the value you receive.
  • We don’t just practice law, we help with life’s day-to-day needs. A good recovery plan addresses all of your needs: Medical, transportation, insurance, and social security benefits, to name a few. We’ll help line up services to assist you in every aspect of your recovery.
  • At Hensley Law Firm, we handle every legal detail and prepare you for what lies ahead, whether it’s a courtroom trial, mediation, or pre-suit settlement. There shouldn’t be any surprises or hand-offs; we’re there with you every step of the way.
  • We have over 45 years of combined experience. Putting our experience to work in service of others is not just what we do for a living, it’s our passion.