Deborah Hensley Loewe

Deborah Hensley Loewe - Hensley Law Firm - Austin, TX

On the practice of law…“This is not a game for the light-hearted. You must be willing to take a case before a jury – the other side needs to know you’re prepared to defend your client’s rights against aggressive trial tactics and let a jury of peers decide who’s right and wrong.” — Deborah Hensley Loewe

Born in Houston, Texas. Raised in South Texas and San Antonio. Lived in Austin since 1987. Graduated from the University of Texas in 1991 with a degree in psychology. Graduated from St. Mary’s Law School in 1995, top quarter of class. Practices law because making a difference in people’s lives is her passion. Deborah Hensley Loewe is an attorney based in Austin, Texas, whose practice includes complex accident, personal injury, adoption, and social security disability benefits cases. Deborah began practicing law in 1995 under a simple principle: Make a difference in people’s lives. Her track record of successful jury verdicts, just settlements, and full social security benefit awards has truly made a difference.

Following graduation from the University of Texas, Deborah enrolled in St. Mary’s Law School, San Antonio. It was at St. Mary’s that Deborah discovered a natural passion for the law: “Going to law school doesn’t change who you are, it just gives you the knowledge to back up what you want to do.” While pursuing her law degree, Deborah served as a clerk for State Supreme Court Justice Jack Hightower and in the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Texas.

Following graduation from law school and admission to the State Bar of Texas in 1995, Mrs. Hensley Loewe put her talents to work as a trial consultant on civil litigation and an Attorney Ad-Litem representing children in court proceedings. In 1996, she joined her father at the Hensley Law Firm.

Deborah Hensley Loewe has continued to build her practice by taking on cases with complex evidentiary and legal issues. While assessing the unique strengths of each case is important, Hensley Loewe believes that the client is at the center of each argument: “The value of a client as a person is what makes a case.” With this simple approach in hand, she has developed a renowned skill for building cases and making successful arguments before juries.
Deborah’s passion for wanting to make a difference can also be seen in her community service. Deborah was recognized by the Austin Bar Association for her service on the Wildfire Legal Response Team for the Central Texas Wildfires (Bastrop County, 2011). She has participated in educational events and has given her time to Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas.

A swimmer, cyclist, karate brown belt, triathlete, and certified scuba diver, Deborah enjoys sports and puts her energy to work supporting and volunteering for local youth swimming programs.